Concrete Polished Floor

We recently completed a job for a customer who asked us to repair and polish their concrete floor.  The floor was originally poured at different times and was in need of several repairs. We began by griding the original coatings from the floor, taking the concrete down to a “raw” state, revealing the original aggregate. […]

Protect Your Building With Waterproofing & Sealing

The last thing you want is to see the structural integrity of your building compromised – but that threat increases if you don’t have it properly waterproofed and sealed. The repairs will cost thousands of dollars, excluding the potential of halting operations. Think of the roads you drive on every day. Chances are you’ve come […]

What your Front Door says about You

We all know that colors can affect our mood. It’s common knowledge, right?  But did you know that the color you paint your front door can say a lot about you also?  Most people paint their front door a color that compliments the rest of their home, while some chose a bold color to attract […]

Tips for Solid Commercial Building Painting Color Schemes For Your Home

In order to provide enhanced commercial painting services, many businesses rely on commercial building painting color schemes that enhance the final result. Their main concern is to avoid color illusions in your home which is caused by: Choosing colors holding color swatches against the current wall color scheme. Choosing colors by holding a paint swatch […]

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Paint Contractor

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Paint Contractor   Mistake #1 – Hiring an uninsured contractor If an accident occurs, are you responsible?  Custom Coatings, Inc.  has full General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Worker’s Compensation insurance – we’ve got you covered!   Mistake #2 – Hiring unknown or unidentified painters Do you want non-uniform, […]

Interior Painting Tips: How to Keep Your Lines Clean

Painting can be quite the undertaking, especially if you are not an expert in the field. We want share some tips from our painting contractors on commercial and residential painting that may make the undertaking a smooth process ensuring that you get the job done without the headaches of all the technicalities involved. Commercial and Residential Painting Tips: […]

Beating the Winter Blues

  Beating the Winter Blues   Winter, seems like the time of year you either love or hate!   It’s the somewhat never ending season of cold, dreary days.  It’s sitting around wishing the sun would peak out from behind the clouds just long enough.  Sadly, we can’t escape winter, unless of course we move to […]