Beating the Winter Blues

  Beating the Winter Blues   Winter, seems like the time of year you either love or hate!   It’s the somewhat never ending season of cold, dreary days.  It’s sitting around wishing the sun would peak out from behind the clouds just long enough.  Sadly, we can’t escape winter, unless of course we move to […]

Tips for Stucco Success

Stucco is an aesthetic feature that has an outstanding texture and gives a home or business a great look. However, it is that same appealing texture that makes maintenance on the surface a challenge. Changing temperatures and weather tends to make stucco surfaces crack slightly over time. Those cracks allow dirt, leaves, mold, pollen and […]

Let Us Help Educate You!

Part of what we do at Custom Coatings Inc involves educating our clients so that they can make the most informed decision possible.  At times that may not involve hiring us, but we feel that our clients appreciate our candidness and value honesty above all else.  In turn, most people who do not hire us […]

Roof coatings

Roof coatings are a major component of our business here at Custom Coatings inc.  At times people have a hard time grasping how a painting company can fix a roof and provide a water tight warranty, but when you take time to think about roof coatings and how they work it becomes clear! First, you […]

painting can be challenging

Have you ever started something and after getting in a little too deep figured out you should have never gotten your hands dirty?  That is often the sentiment we see from our clients.  They started a project that looked easy from the outside, but once they got the paint all over the place they realized […]

caulking is more important than you realize!

Why Caulking Is Important Caulking provides two beneficial purposes.  The first is to cosmetically enhance the appearance of a project by closing gaps and creating a smoother transition;  The second (and most important) is to provide a seal between two areas or surfaces to keep water from getting into the building or house. Painters generally […]

taking the time to make it right!

How much time does it take to paint something?  Anything?  Walls, trim, ceilings, furniture, etc….  Time is probably the single most important thing to figure out when thinking of repainting something in your home.  Clients we do estimates for are often shocked at how much time it takes to properly paint something.  They think we […]