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What Others Are Saying

'The most professional crew I've ever seen! Paint job was excellent!'

- Ernie and Cindy Sills


Interior/Exterior - Custom Coatings has a loyal following among its commercial customers because we know how to cleanly paint the interior and exterior of your business while keeping you running. From churches and schools to shopping centers or a warehouse facility, we pledge honest, hardworking employees who will complete the job to your satisfaction and with minimal downtime. We are experts at planning and logistics and can give an accurate estimate before any work is done. No surprise is our promise. Contact us for more information.

Caulking/Sealants - as part of our services, the commercial paint contractors of  Custom Coatings offers waterproofing of your building, including caulking of windows, doors and any gaps that could lead to water intrusion. This service is included in our interior/exterior paint service and helps create a lasting barrier against the elements.

Dry fall - this technology allows us to paint ceilings in large spaces with much less mess than regular paint. This quick-dry product actually turns to dust before it reaches the ground, reducing splatter and paint overspray damage. It is ideal for application on metal decking in a warehouse or shopping center.

Pressure Washing/Cleaning - the best paint application involves the right preparation. If needed, we will recommend a pressure washing before we paint. Sometimes, a pressure cleaning will eliminate the need for painting altogether. At Custom Coatings, our commercial paint contractors will always tell you the most cost-effective method for you to achieve your desired results.

Elastomeric/Waterproofing - this waterproofing paint method, typically used on concrete or concrete block buildings offers waterproofing and elasticity. Besides helping eliminate cracks in stucco or concrete, an Elastomeric cool technology coating on a roof can significantly reduce energy costs. Learn more at www.ersystems.com.

Cool Wall technology - a TEX-COTE Cool Wall exterior coating system is specially formulated to reflect solar heat without affecting color. The treatment, which our commercial paint contractors of Custom Coatings is trained to apply, is a protective barrier that is highly energy efficient. The reflective technology is the same the military uses to reduce the "heat signature" of planes and vehicles. The Cool Wall products are warranted against flaking and peeling and come in a wide range of colors and textures. Learn more at texcotehomes.com.

Nansulate - a coating application with outstanding insulation properties. Nansulate is a water-based treatment that contains no potentially harmful additives. It actually improves air quality while eliminating heat loss/gain from thermal bridging through building materials. It can be used as a wall, ceiling or attic coating to protect against heat transfer and is very cost effective. Nansulate technology is helping industry all over the world save money and increase efficiency. See case studies of Nansulate's success at nansulate.com/nansulate_industrial_casestudies.htm.

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