Industrial Painting Company Innovations

Cool Wall technology - a TEX-COTE COOLWALL exterior coating system is specially formulated to reflect solar heat without affecting color. The treatment, which our industrial painting company Custom Coatings is trained to apply, is 15 times thicker than paint and offers a protective barrier that is highly energy efficient. The reflective technology is the same the military uses to reduce the "heat signature" of planes and vehicles. The cool wall products are warranted against flaking and peeling and come in a wide range of colors and textures. Learn more at texcotehomes.com

Nansulate - a paint application with outstanding insulation properties. Nansulate is a water-based treatment that contains no potential harmful additives. It actually improves air quality while eliminating heat loss/gain from thermal bridging through studs. It can be used as wall, ceiling or attic insulation and is cost effective.

Mildewproof - For a paint that will resist mold and mildew growth for years to come, our industrial painting company Custom Coatings relies on PERMA-WHITE exterior paint. This trademarked mold and mildew-proof coating is guaranteed to ward off mold and mildew growth on painted surfaces for 5 years thanks to a mildewcide present in the paint's film. Even better, it is engineered not to crack, fade, peel or blister for 15 years. PERMA-WHITE is not only practical - it's beautiful too. With a stunning array of decorator colors for your home or business in satin or semi-gloss finishes, this self-priming product sticks to surfaces without sanding, making it easy to apply in a variety of conditions.

ERSystems - This is the top roof coating manufacturer in the Nation. Their roof systems are designed to make your metal, single ply or asphalt roof more energy efficient. ERSystems' LEED and Energy Star Certified highly reflective roofing system is produced in four easy steps. Custom Coatings will prepare and clean your metal roof, leaving it free of debris. Next, they will prime your roof, then seal any seams with a special polyurethane sealant. Finally, two coats are applied to the proper Mil thickness. The process can save as much as 80 percent off of a total roof tear-off and lead to energy savings for years to come. Use the Energy Star roofing calculator at roofcalc.com/rsc.htm?calc=com to learn how much you can save. And visit ersystems.com to learn more.

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