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Metal Cool Roof restoration - this method offers limited interruption because it leaves the existing roof in place. This method provides solar reflectance and infrared emittance properties. After cleaning, sealing and reinforcing your existing roof, the Cool Roof application extends the life of your roof and makes it more energy efficient. The cost of roof restoration is far less costly than replacing a roof and yields less waste - making it a greener option. The Cool Roof technology also comes without noxious fumes, keeping your employees happy and disruption to a minimum. Our roof coating contractors understand this and are here to help. See www.ersystems.com.

Single-Ply Cool Roof restoration (EPDM, TPR, Hypalon, PVC) - ERSystems' white coatings reflect more than 80 percent of the heat and damaging rays of the sun. This lowers the membrane temperature of the roof, leading to a longer roof life, greater air quality and significant energy savings. The coatings applied stay flexible during drastic temperature shifts, are proven UV and weather resistant and often add 50 percent of thickness to your roof. For more information, visit ersystems.com.

Asphalt Cool Roof restoration (Smooth BUR, Mod Bit) - this technology applies the same cool roof thinking to asphalt roofing surfaces. By making the surface reflective and emissive companies with asphalt roofs can make their roof Energy Star compliant and save money on cooling costs. Let our  roof coating contractors of Custsom Coatings show you how to transform your costly asphalt roof to an energy efficient roof by using coatings. Visit www.ersystems.com or www.coolroofs.org to learn more.

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