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13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Paint Contractor

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Paint Contractor

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Paint Contractor


Mistake #1 – Hiring an uninsured contractor

If an accident occurs, are you responsible?  Custom Coatings, Inc.  has full General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Worker’s Compensation insurance – we’ve got you covered!


Mistake #2 – Hiring unknown or unidentified painters

Do you want non-uniform, anonymous “workmen” wandering around your home? All of Custom Coatings, Inc. crewmembers arrive in uniform driving official company vans for easy identification – enhancing building and tenant security.  In addition, all of our crews have completed a background and drug check for your safety!  CCI Logo Email size


Mistake #3 – Using the wrong paint    

Custom Coatings, Inc.  uses only the BEST paint for each specific job.  The details of the paint are clearly explained in our written proposal.


Mistake #4 – Lack of communication 

Have you ever had a paint crew show up at a building unannounced?  Custom Coatings, Inc.  works to communicate all aspects of a job before-hand. This proper planning saves time and aggravation, helping to resolve building access and parking issues.


Mistake #5 – Using a “one-man” painting company 

Did your “bargain basement” painting contractor send too few workers? Did his helper not show up, leaving you in the dark and your home or business in shambles? Custom Coatings, Inc. has a permanent staff of painters ready to complete your project – FAST! Our assigned crew will work straight through to completion, respecting your time and your convenience.


Mistake #6 – Using an inexperienced painting company

Have you ever been disappointed by an unprofessional or inadequate painting job with messy splatters or poor attention to detail? An inferior painting job can make your home or office appear unattractive and unappealing. Don’t take chances with your valuable property assets!


Mistake #7 – Are they a safety conscious company? 

Have you ever seen painters working in an unsafe manner? At Custom Coatings, Inc. we are committed to weekly training on how to keep our workers safe.


paint cansMistake #8 – Have you had your new paint peel too soon? 

Have you ever wondered why the paint would be peeling so soon? At Custom Coatings, Inc. we keep up with the latest in product knowledge. We make certain that any surfaces to be painted are properly prepared and primed. Using the wrong product or application can be costly.


Mistake #9 – Not cleaning up after themselves? 

Have you ever been disappointed by the mess someone made or the trash that was left on site? At Custom Coatings, Inc. we are always training our painters to clean up after themselves. We properly dispose of hazardous waste.


Mistake #10 – Using an inexperienced painting company with no references or track record 

Did you ever fail to check out a contractor’s references before the work began, and then find out that he had just gotten into the trade? At Custom Coatings, Inc. we have a long list of satisfied customers that we will happily provide references from. references


Mistake #11 – Using a painting company that’s here today and gone tomorrow 

Why can’t I get in touch with that last painter? Did he leave town? We have been in the painting business here in Hickory, NC for 24years. We honor our warranties and endeavor to build long-term relationships with all of our customers.


Mistake #12 – Not using written contracts 

Have you ever experienced the “he said, she said” dispute when getting work done? At Custom Coatings, Inc.  we use written contracts. Having it in writing solves most problems before they happen. Be sure that you understand the contract terms before signing.  We like to make sure that everyone is in agreement before the job begins to avoid any confusion of the outcome of the work.


Mistake #13 – Making final payments before job completion 

Have you ever paid before the job was completed and the contractor skipped out?  How frustrating! We only ask for final payment after the job is totally finished.


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