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commercial and industrial painting

Who We Are

At Custom Coatings, one of our company mottos is “We’ll cover anything that stands still long enough to paint it.” This has been true for the past 29 years and is represented by the wide range of homes, businesses, factories, facilities and equipment we’ve had the privilege to clean, paint and coat. Although we have standard processes and procedures for various types of projects, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

As your project partner, it is our goal – and our responsibility, to clearly understand your requirements and provide you with options to achieve it within your budget parameters. It does not matter if your project is a small residential home or an industrial complex, both will get the same careful planning and attention to detail.

Commercial and Industrial Painting Services

Custom Coatings, Inc. is an industry leader in commercial painting, residential painting, and industrial painting as well as coatings projects. Established in 1991 by President Joe Brindle, Custom Coatings, Inc. has worked for over 29 years to provide quality work and superb service to our clients. Our services can benefit practically anyone, which is why we have completed projects in the past for a variety of industries and vocations.

Clients instill their trust in our company because of our ability to actively listen and understand their vision before we begin work on site. Designating the time to educate clients on the process of painting, giving each a comprehensive consultation and then following up with a detailed written proposal provides clarity and specifications on every step of the projects we complete.

Due to our level of service, superior craftsmanship is expected on every project. The Custom Coatings, Inc. craftsmen are talented, dependable and respectful full time members of our team who must demonstrate knowledge and deliver consistent results for every project. By “Craftsmen” at Custom Coatings, Inc. we mean an experienced professional that maintains a positive attitude and uses only the very best materials available to get the job done right. We understand that educating our team, having the most current methods, and updated equipment makes our company one of the most efficient in the industry.

Services offered within our company greatly differ. Our unique ability to offer specialized techniques such as roof restoration combined with our painting and coating services keeps Custom Coatings, Inc. at the forefront of technology in our industry. Our state-of-the-art roof coating restoration system is a way to reduce roofing costs to our clients while still remaining energy efficient and conscious of protecting the environment from unnecessary levels of waste.

Residential painting

When Custom Coatings was founded, our focus was primarily on new construction and new houses. However, as our capabilities expanded we focused less on new construction projects and began doing more repainting and coating work. Yet we have never forgotten our roots and are still a superior residential painting contractor, ready to rejuvenate any home – large or small, with a beautiful new exterior. Sometimes all a home needs to stand out on the block is the fresh look of new paint expertly executed.

Roof, floor and equipment coatings: Going beyond paint

In many coating applications, paint is not enough. Roofs, floors and equipment are subject to conditions where paint simply cannot provide adequate protection. This is where Custom Coating’s understanding and expertise with a broad range of coating systems comes into play. Industrial floor, roof and equipment coatings have many advantages and provide benefits that impact safety, quality and the bottom line. Compared to most paints, these coatings are specifically engineered for their protective properties. Although paint does give some measure of protection against moisture and oxidation, it cannot provide the level needed in many applications, like on equipment or in environments with extreme heat and cold, exposure to flames and water, impacts and corrosion to name a few.

Why Custom Coatings?

Deciding which residential, commercial or industrial coating service is right for your next project can be difficult. There are many factors to evaluate and compare between contractors like cost, experience and equipment or technology used. So what makes Custom Coatings different from other painting or coating services? It comes down to one key asset, really the most important one since we started: our people.

Custom Coatings Inc., is a leading painting and coating contractor with broad experience that includes residential, commercial and industrial applications. Their coatings work on virtually any type of outdoor or indoor structure. Established in 1991 by President Joe Brindle, Custom Coatings has worked for over 29 years providing high quality industrial painting, flooring and roofing expertise with outstanding service and results for their clients. Contact them today for your next coating or painting project.


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