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Experience Versatility

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Commerical Painting Contractor

At Custom Coatings, our full-time, experienced commercial painting contractor employees understand how to apply a broad range of products to any surface. They do not use a “one size fits all” approach, but customize their tools, techniques and teams to accomplish residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We take pride in our team’s industry-leading commercial painting contractor services and flexibility. Depending on our client’s needs, we can quickly and easily transition from painting industrial tanks one week, to office buildings the next. Since we have a variety of skilled professionals, we place them in client projects that they can perform their best in. Although we have specialists available with extensive knowledge in specific focus areas of commercial and industrial painting, we ensure our staff can perform it all. These are just a few categories that demonstrate Custom Coatings’ experienced versatility.

Industrial Painting

Contractors and water tower painting companies who specialize in industrial painting must be experienced with the appropriate types of coatings and how to reduce associated risks when performing work at heights. Doing the work safely is just as important as doing it well.

Industrial floor coatings

Custom Coatings’ process for a new floor coating starts with a floor survey and comprehensive inspection. Then the surface is cleaned by grinding away the surface layer of concrete. This removes contaminations and creates a layer (substrate) acceptable for primer and coatings to adhere. Concrete grinding is not always necessary and is determined on a case by case basis.

Industrial roof coatings

Just like floor coatings, a new roof coating begins with a roof survey and comprehensive inspection. Debris is cleaned off the roof surface, fasteners are replaced or tightened, new patches installed and rust removed as necessary. Crushed insulation is also replaced. The roof is primed using a high-grade primer to inhibit rust and all seams and fasteners are sealed. Finally, a premium coating is applied to the appropriate thickness, which is thicker than most available single ply roof membranes. Roof coatings have many advantages, with lower installation cost compared to a new roof being one of them.

Equipment coating services

Industrial coatings require different surface preparation than paints do. Poor surface preparation often leads to blistering and peeling, discoloration from underlying contaminates, mold and corrosion due to poor coating adhesion. Equipment must be hand cleaned to remove oil and other contaminants and to protect electrical components. Most industrial coatings are used for corrosion control on equipment, exposed steel and concrete.

Pressure washing services

Before any coating system can be applied, the surface must be prepared – and one of the most common ways to prepare a surface is by pressure washing. Pressure cleaning services are the first step, and sometimes the only step needed, toward beautifying and maintaining your home or business.

Custom Coatings Inc., is a leading commercial painting contractor and waterproofing company with extensive expertise across industrial, commercial and residential applications. Established in 1991 by President Joe Brindle, Custom Coatings has worked for over 23 years providing outstanding service and results for their clients. Contact them today for your next coating project.

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