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commercial painting service

Commercial Painting Service

In 1991 my father, Glenn “Pop” Brindle and I started Custom Coatings, Inc. At that point in time, I had already begun earning experience in the industry by working for a commercial painting contractor during the summers while attending college. When Pop left the industry he had worked in for the majority of his life, what to do next became his main question. Once I decided to start my own painting company, I approached Pop about coming onboard the project, since out of everyone I knew, he was the person I trusted most. With Pop on my side, we began building Custom Coatings, Inc. and the rest has been history. Since we wanted to provide professional painting services with a twist such as specialty coatings, Pop came up with the name “Custom Coatings” to help our company stand out from the steep competition.

In earlier years, we worked mainly on projects including new construction and new houses. Over time however, we began to shy away from new construction projects and instead focused on existing facilities doing re-paint work. We steadily continued to grow throughout the 90’s, learning a lot about business, people and most importantly – painting. Throughout all of our years of service, we have maintained a high level of integrity and have provided quality paint jobs with superior customer service while treating our team with respect and honesty at the same time. These values were instilled into me by my Pop and as a result are the main fibers and cornerstones of our success at Custom Coatings, Inc.

For over 29 years now, Custom Coatings, Inc. has been painting “anything that will stand still long enough to paint it.” We are still expanding and diligently searching for newer innovative ways to be different and provide our customers with the best paint jobs and highest degree of customer service. As the owner, I am extremely proud of our past and excited about our future. But I am more proud of who we are as a company and the people here that make us great.
– Joe Brindle

Through the late 90’s up until 2007, Pop and I developed our company into an industry leader with a wonderful reputation for completing high quality jobs on schedule and as cost effective to our clients as possible. At this point our company reached a point where we could branch out and take on all types of projects related to professional painting. 2007 was a wonderful year of expansion, until Pop contracted a virus that infected his heart and caused strokes, kidney failure and a host of other medical issues that ultimately lead to him passing away in August of 2008. He may not physically be here with us anymore, but his guidance, his honesty and his optimistic nature are still and will always be very much a part of who we are and how we operate at Custom Coatings, Inc.

In 2009 we brought Patrick Stilwell onboard as our Business Development Manager to help us continue to expand and discover new markets as well as customers. Patrick has been an integral part of Custom Coatings, Inc. since day one of his time with us. He has proven his ability to seek out new valuable opportunities and convert them into areas of growth for our company. He has been an admirable addition to our team and huge part of our success of the last five years.

Custom Coatings, Inc. would not be the same business we are today without our long-tenured family members who have weathered through the good and bad times of our growth over the years. We have several employees that have been with us for more than 10 years. Other members of our team such as Clay Bowman, Jason Geddings, and Jimmy Lemus are long-tenured leaders and foremen that ensure our jobs are on budget, on schedule and completed properly. Each of these team members has been with us for 10 years or more, and without each of these people and many more Custom Coatings, Inc. would not be the business it is today. They understand who we are and work every day to keep our company at the top.

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