Our Team

The Custom Coatings, Inc. team is comprised of results-oriented team members who have complementary skills to complete any project. We have standards in place to background check our employees before hire to give our partners peace of mind that they will work with qualified professionals. In addition, we provide a drug-free work environment by drug testing all of our employees initially and sporadically during their employment.

First Aid Certification and OSHA Lift Certification are just two of the skill sets that demonstrate the Custom Coatings, Inc. difference. We practice safety first and as a result are insured with a Worker’s Compensation Modifier ranking of less than one every year. We take each of our team members through extensive training including a safety program that covers areas like fall protection, prevention or injury, leading safe work practices and hazard communication.

Our people just get it and they are proud to be part of Custom Coatings, Inc. and I am proud to work with them. – Joe Brindle, President of Custom Coatings, Inc.

Majority of our team has been with us for years. Working with a staff of trusted employees instead of a subcontracted laborer assures quality and excellence, which we put in front of every step of our services. The Custom Coating, Inc. crew is extremely versatile and skilled in many areas of professional painting and coating so that they can make transitions from industrial tanks, to commercial offices, to residential homes with fluidity and ease.

We are more than a group of people who can paint anything that will stand still; we are a group of people who work together because we have respect and care about each other.

Experience the Custom Coatings, Inc. difference and meet our team members:

Our Team