Patrick Stilwell

Patrick Stilwell

Business Development Manager

Patrick joined Custom Coatings, Inc. as a Business Development Manager in spring of 2010. Patrick has over 10 years’ experience in the service side of the construction industry. His previous experience has allowed him to cover a range of aspects including, equipment sales & rental, new account acquisition, contract negotiations, business management, training, safety consulting and systematic problem solving. Patrick has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida and has continued to expand on his business interests and education throughout his professional career.

As Business Development Manager for Custom Coatings, Inc., Patrick wears many hats and on any given day he can be found executing a multitude of tasks. From performing estimates, developing new accounts and managing client retention, to management of crews, scheduling projects and creating opportunities to expand the overall business, Patrick does it all.

I love working with Joe Brindle at CCI. Joe took a gamble hiring me since I knew nothing about the coatings industry. He saw something in me and felt I was worth the chance. I am so grateful Joe has shared his experience and expertise with me and continues to teach me on a daily basis. He has forgotten more than I will ever learn about the industry and I owe all my knowledge in this industry to him. CCI is a true family and the culture of this business is like none other. Working here is a true pleasure and I intend to do so for a long time!

Although Patrick may have been very “green” to the painting and coatings industry, he found his previous experience and education proved to be useful in grasping the basics of the trade. In his few short years at CCI, he has become well versed on everything from roof and floor coatings, to painting and everything in between. He has written several articles for The Blogging Painters website and is often called to provide specifications for specialized industrial coating applications.

Patrick lives in Pumpkin Center, NC with his beautiful wife Kelly and two dogs. He enjoys gardening, cooking, visiting with family and going to the beach as often as possible. He is always looking to learn new things and most recently has taken up beekeeping!