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Safe and Insured

Commercial Industrial Painting Services

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When hiring an industrial painting contractors company or commercial painting services as a project partner, experienced employees are important. However, hiring a contractor whose employees are focused on safety first not just for themselves, but their teammates and their customers should be the highest priority. For Custom Coatings, safety is first and foremost on every job.

At Custom Coatings, Inc. the safety of our staff is our first priority, which is why we keep our Worker’s Compensation Modifier Ranking under one every year. In addition to this, we have consistently had No Loss Time Accidents for more than eight years, which has earned us the coveted Workplace Safety Award from our insurance company for the past eight years. Each of our employees receives extensive training designed to arm them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves, your facility and most important – you.

Our OSHA approved training programs include the following focus areas:

  • First Aid Certified
  • Fall protection
  • Preventing sprains and strains
  • Indoor heat stress
  • Poisonous gas exposure
  • Addressing Imminent Dangers
  • Properly using back belts
  • Hazard communication
  • Emergency action and response
  • Fire prevention
  • Lift training
  • Confined space entry
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Ladder Safety
  • Summer Weather Safety
  • Lead Safe Work Practices

In addition to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved training taken by each of our employees, our teams arrive at your job site with all of the necessary personal protective equipment needed to work safely. Certain circumstances may require the use of specialized tools, especially when working at heights.

Whether it is a roof sealing project, concrete polishing or simply pressure washing, our industrial painting contractors company teams inspect every job site for potential hazards – then develop plans to mitigate them that protect our people and your property.

What does Lost Time Injury mean?

Any injury sustained at the job site is unacceptable. However, a lost time injury (LTI) is an injury sustained by an employee that leads to the loss of productive work time due to worker delays or absenteeism. An injury is considered a lost time injury only when a worker is unable to perform the regular duties of the job, takes time off for recovery, or is assigned modified work duties (light duty) during the recovery period. A coating contractor with a high number of LTI’s is putting employees and customers at risk. Custom Coatings has had no LTI’s for the past eight years and counting.

What is a Worker’s Compensation Modifier Ranking?

All employers purchasing workers compensation begin with a 1.00 modification factor. This means there is no plus or minus modification adjustment to insurance rates. Generally employers receive a state modification notice 60 to 90 days before their annual renewal date. An experience modifier rate under a 1.00 factor is a positive indicator and results in a credit modifier. A rate over a 1.00 factor is above the industry norm for claims in the contractor’s state, based on an industry class code. The bottom line is: working safely not only prevents injuries, but also lowers costs.

Licensed, bonded and insured, Custom Coatings Inc., is a trusted industrial painting contractors company leader in safely providing exceptional industrial, commercial and residential coating applications and services.

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