By: Altavista on April 3rd, 2019

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Spring Cleaning: Why You Should Consider Pressure Washing Your Commercial Building

Pressure Washing

Maintaining a commercial building is hard work. While it may seem like you already have enough on your seemingly endless list of property management tasks, you may want to consider adding professional pressure washing to your building maintenance routine. From cost savings as a result of a reduction in repairs to increased visual appeal, there are surprising benefits to pressure washing your property.

Increase Curb Appeal

Regardless of whether or not there is intent to sell in the future, having an appealing look to your building is a goal for most property owners and managers. You create a positive impression for visitors, clients and future customers with a clean building. Pressure washing removes surface grime and build-up, leaving the structure with a freshened look.

Reduce Repairs

If allowed to accumulate on a building’s exterior, mildew, moss and bird droppings can begin to erode wood, metal and other materials, leading to costly repairs.

While it isn’t something commonly taken into consideration when discussing building maintenance, bird droppings can be particularly problematic. The high acidity level of droppings can eat away at roofs and gutters.

Regular removal of surface buildup reduces structural damage risks while potentially extending the life of many components of a building’s exterior.

Remove Graffiti

Unsightly graffiti can be difficult to remove. Scrubbing with harmful chemicals or trying to cover graffiti with fresh paint can be time consuming and ineffective. Skilled pressure washing can make easy work of removing defacements from a building, ensuring a professional look.

Eliminate Harmful Bacteria and Allergens

Customers and employees constantly come and go from your building. Pressure washing the exterior of the building will greatly reduce the number of harmful bacteria and allergens that are tracked indoors, thus working to protect the health of those who encounter your property.

As a part of a regularly scheduled maintenance routine, pressure washing can save money, protect occupants’ health and improve aesthetic appeal. Call Custom Coatings Inc. today at 828-326-0953 to learn more about the importance of pressure washing your commercial building.