By: Custom Coatings on March 19th, 2012

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Roof coatings

Roof Coating

Roof coatings are a major component of our business here at Custom Coatings Inc.  At times people have a hard time grasping how a painting company can fix a roof and provide a water tight warranty, but when you take time to think about roof coatings and how they work it becomes clear!

First, you have to know that the roof can be coated.  We can generally coat any type of roof except one that has gravel on it.  The simple fact is that you cannot get them clean enough to coat.  Another factor to make sure of is that they are not too far gone.  While coating roofs can help to extend the life of a good roof indefinitely, there is no cure for a roof that is already saturated or just plain bad.  Over the many years of coating roofs we have become quite adept at inspecting roofs and before we coat we also have an infrared test performed.  Proper testing is the only way to make sure a roof can be coated.  For instance performing an adhesion test is incredibly important – you want to make sure that the coating you are going to apply is going to stick and not peel off in big sheet!

The other reason we are so good at installing roof coatings is because our crews understand coatings and how they work.  Our crews know the ins and outs of applying liquid coatings (paint) because it is what they do every day.  So if they know how to properly apply coatings on a 100’ tall building how much easier do you think it might be to apply coatings at your feet?  Much more simple if you already have the proper knowledge and understanding of how coatings work!

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