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It’s Time to Repaint Your Commercial Property

Commercial painting

The floor size of commercial buildings constructed increased from 16,300 square feet in the 1990s to 19,000 square feet in the 2000s. The cost of maintenance when considering such expansive premises is high. Mostly, the temptation to overlook certain maintenance costs such as painting and coating is common.

Your commercial property’s curb appeal will determine the number of walk-in customers. Having a shabby looking commercial building can result in a negative first impression of your business. Therefore, why not make your business more attractive?

Reasons why you Must Repaint your Commercial Property

You know what they say about your business image being everything. Here are plenty of reasons why repainting your commercial property can help boost business.

1. If Your Foot Traffic Reduces

Your commercial building acts as a physical location for your brand. You must be keen on what people see as the external representation of your brand.

The location of your commercial building is set to target the foot traffic around the specific area. Foot traffic refers to the number of people who pass by your commercial building every day, vis-à-vis, those who actually enter to make an inquiry or make a purchase. If you notice a reduction in the rate of foot traffic into your building, you may need to rethink the appearance of your commercial property.

Your commercial building’s curb appeal depends on the interior and exterior appearance. But most times, potential clients notice the exterior before moving inside. You know it is time to repaint your commercial building if the rate of foot traffic begins to dwindle.

2. When You Wish to Create a New Identity

New paint can be an indicator of your business turning a new leaf. You may need to repaint your commercial buildings core paint to signify that your business is under new management. Changing the appearance of your commercial building can increase the potential client’s interest in your new space.

Just like rebranding, introducing a fresh coat of paint to your exterior may be an indication of a change in name or portfolio offering. A fresh coat of paint may best exemplify the decision to foster a new direction. This is also the case when you want to push a new brand identity in your business.

3. When You Are Reinventing Your Business

If for whatever reason, you decide to reinvent your business altogether, you should consider the value a fresh coat of paint can have on your brand. Customers who have seen the same color on your commercial building for ten plus years may lose touch over time. This calls for a deliberate attempt to reinvent what your clients see on the outside.

4. Clear Signs of Paint Damage on Your Commercial Property

Paint, especially on the exterior, tends to wear out over time due to harsh weather. You are likely to notice cracking and blistering of paint over time, regardless of the quality of your paint. If you notice these recurrent flakes and bubbles, it is a sign that you need to repaint your commercial building’s exterior.

Most commercial painting contractors will use a paint with a long shelf life to ensure high quality and curb appeal. What businesses tend to skimp on after the fact are maintenance costs, allowing even the best paints to chip and peel. Despite having full disclosure about the shelf life of your paint, it is easy to assume that maintenance can be a secondary concern.

The mistake that businesses make in such cases, is the failure to recognize that curb appeal is everything. If the exterior of your commercial building starts showing signs of cracking and blistering, then it is time to consider repainting. Custom Coatings Inc. can offer you the best deals of long-lasting paint for your commercial needs.

5. When Repainting Is a Legal Requirement

Depending on where you come from, there may be underlying laws that define your commercial building obligations. These laws affect the level of maintenance your commercial building will require.

Your local and federal governments have these regulations in place to reduce the extent of health concerns related to painting. You must never compromise on government regulations. You know it is time to consider a fresh coat of paint if the current paint on your exterior has bypassed the set regulatory period.

6. When You Need to Keep up with the Competition

The level of competitiveness in business is not only pegged on brand quality and product pricing. The competition also involves your ability to package your business or company amidst rigid rivalry. If you often repackage your products due to evolving competition, the same should apply when addressing your building’s exterior.

If your competitor recently outdid you in their paint job, it is time to consider a revamp. You may need to allocate funds for commercial paint as a matter of urgency. The need to keep up with such a competitive move is to ensure that your clientele is safe from possible enticement.

Repaint Your Commercial Property to Improve Your Business Image

It’s time to be more cautious about your image. Having the same paint job for more than three years on your commercial property depicts a lack of creativity. It also shows disregard for your business’ image.

You will have yourself to blame if you miss the endless business opportunities due to a weak curb appeal. Whether you want to comply with the law or respond to your competitor’s inroads, a clean exterior improves customer appeal.

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