Lead is serious and needs to be treated that way!

Lead is serious and needs to be treated that way!


Do you know how dangerous lead can be to you or someone you love?  Most people know that lead is something that used to be in paint, but it is not that bad…. FAIL! Lead is serious business and it needs to be given the respect that it deserves.

Lead chips are harmful and should never be ingested, but they aren’t the serious threat like most people think. Lead dust is the real deal! To give you perspective, if one sugar packet contained lead dust instead of sugar and that dust was released it would be enough to completely contaminate a 1,500 square foot home! So if you have an average size three bedroom home and start sanding away, please make sure you don’t have lead paint. Lead dust is easily transferred from clothing, to car seats, to couches, to anything… Think about coming home from a hard days job and plopping down on the sofa. If you look closely you will see all this dust float up and away….. If you had been working around lead based paint all day that could pose a serious problem.

Lead poses the most serious threat to children under the age of six. Lead contamination has been linked to lower IQ’s, learning difficulties, poor muscle coordination, hearing damage, and behavior issues. And young children are unable to get away from the lead dust that could be present in places where they lay or sit. Imagine a child strapped into a car seat – the same car seat that was strapped into the car where the parent was working around lead dust all day. Take a close look at the links below and view the case studies of a lead paint inspector from Dallas, TX.

If you own a home that was built prior to 1978 and would like a painting consultation please let us know – Custom Coatings Inc is RRP certified and we would love to help you with your lead remediation project!