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commercial waterproofing contractors

Commercial Waterproofing Companies

If you are looking for experienced and reputable commercial waterproofing companies, make Custom Coatings, Inc. your first call. We have skilled crews, the materials necessary and the correct equipment to partner with you on your project. Cleaning the area with the appropriate pressure to remove contaminants and mildew is the beginning of a complete and thorough process to end your water problem.

Top Waterproofing Contractor Company

Sealing any damaged or even missing joints at the project will ensure a waterproof barrier. Sealant materials degrade and crack over time, creating areas for water to intrude. As moisture finds its way into these crevices, it will gain ground through the seasons freeze and thaw cycle. As a leading commercial waterproofing company, we can cut out the old sealant, install new neoprene backer rod into gaps and then install the correct sealant for your particular need. The company that created “silicone” did an absolutely amazing job with their marketing, because we see silicone products on just about every building. But the problem is that, most of the time, silicone is just not the appropriate material waterproofing contractor companies should be using. There are some amazing urethane sealant materials that are a much better option and we will provide you with details as to why they can help your facility. Sometimes masonry joints need to be “tuck pointed” to keep out unwanted moisture. After replacing the failing mortar or sealant materials, a skilled waterproofing contractor can install any number of clear or tinted waterproofing coatings that will keep your walls dry.

Commercial Waterproofing Services

Parking garages and decks are also a specialty of ours. The sealants in the deck itself get old and will need to be replaced in order to keep water intrusion to a minimum. We have the products to maximize the life of the parking structure.

As an expert commercial waterproofing contractor company, we can properly advise you for a custom consultation at your project site. Then adding paint to the surface will provide a finish that is both visually appealing and watertight!

Why Choose Custom Coatings?

We have over 25 years in the industry, servicing the local residences and businesses of Hickory, NC, as further afield. Our diverse list of clients has benefited from long term waterproofing, meaning that their roofs will remain leak-free for many years. As the name implies, Custom Coatings provide a customized experience for our clients. Top of the line sealants, coatings, and other materials will be used to assure the longevity of the water protection.

Industries Served

Retail stores: Customers place great value in the appearance of their surroundings. Wet patches, mold smell and water damaged stock can be avoided if you employ an experienced waterproofing contractor company.

Owners of apartment complexes: Landlords are obliged to make essential repairs to accommodate their tenants. Installing quality sealants and coatings will mitigate future profit losses from constant water damage. Leaks may also pose safety and insurance risks for landlords. Maintaining quality will also assure the retention of tenants.

Real estate: With an unchecked water leak, the structural integrity of a home may be damaged beyond repair. Spongy, water damaged wood will also lead to paint peeling, so it cannot be covered up. Call in the professionals to apply the proper sealants and preventative layers of coating before everything turns into a disaster.

Hotels would not receive good reviews with wet floors and leaky ceilings. It would be rather embarrassing to be the only hotel in town without proper water protection. The cost of repairs will quickly outweigh the cost of hiring a professional waterproofing contractor company.

Offices: Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Leaks, mold smells and discoloration reduce employee moral and can damage productivity and retention rate. Have a top quality waterproofing contractor visit you premises to assess the best solution for you.

Car Storage/parking garages are facilities that would certainly benefit from waterproofing. With unwanted water leakage, customers will be dissatisfied with their experience. Avoid costly repairs due to water ingress in concrete by hiring a waterproofing contractor. Keeping with maintenance and renewing waterproof sealing should be a top priority in such a business. Parking garages and decks just happen to be one of our primary specialties.

Hospitals: Hospital patients are particularly susceptible to health issues associated with mold and water damage. Imagine the bacteria build up with an unchecked water leak. Also, mold spores would not be tolerated by patients with lung conditions, asthma, or allergies.

Manufacturing: Companies would be devastated if water exposure had affected a batch of product. Facilities must be in tip top condition to mitigate potential profit loss; this would include waterproofing of the factories large factory roofs that are prone to leaks.

Universities, colleges, and primary schools: Education facilities have a responsibility to provide clean and safe learning environments. Slips and falls due to wet floors will lead to lawsuits. Water damaged ceiling tiles do not provide the aesthetics that an intuitive classroom needs.

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