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Physical plant and equipment are a significant investment for any business. Whether it is an industrial facility, research lab, commercial operation or even a maritime environment, equipment moves your business forward and gets the job done. When equipment fails, the cost of lost productivity, repair or replacement significantly impacts the bottom line. Protecting your plant and equipment from harsh conditions or daily wear and tear with an industrial coating is simply another investment in your businesses’ future.

When industrial painting is not enough

Compared to most paints, industrial coatings are specifically engineered for their protective properties. Although paint does give equipment some measure of protection against moisture and oxidation, it cannot provide the level needed in many applications or environments. These are a few examples of conditions industrial coatings are highly resistant to.

  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme cold
  • Continuous or intermittent exposure to flame
  • Continuous or intermittent exposure to water and condensation
  • Impacts
  • Corrosion, oxidation and rust
  • Abrasions
  • Chemicals
  • Bacteria, mold and mildew

The general scope of work for machinery and equipment painting is slightly different from any other project because the attention to detail must be so much greater.  Custom Coatings, Inc. takes pride in our ability to be detail oriented which will allow for industrial painting success. Typically equipment must be cleaned by hand to remove oil and various other contaminants which allow us to protect various electrical components and designation plates.

Our industrial painting service crews listen to instruction of what should and should not be coated because we value communication at a project site. Priming of any rust or bare metal will inhibit rust and insure protection of the equipment for a lasting solution when we finally do apply the paint finish. Usually the coating is applied by hand using a brush and roller to ensure a comprehensive finish. Our partners expect quality and detail oriented teams and we continually exceed their expectations.

Some machines can be coated with traditional direct-to-metal finishes, but we prefer to use superior quality epoxy and urethane systems which will last longer and look better than other types of coating systems. Also, when we use these types of coatings it gives us the ability to mix additives to the finish for specific job applications. For instance, if you have a surface that is heat sensitive we can install a higher temp rated coating for that specific purpose. Or maybe we are painting a lathe that has metal shards hitting the surface and we need to install an extremely durable coating with aluminum oxide or glass flakes.

No matter what surface is in need of coating, our industrial coating service specialists have the knowledge and experience required to get the job done the right way. We will take the time to educate our clients so they fully understand the process and limitations of the coatings being installed. That way they can make a more informed decision so their expectations are met at the end of the project.

Uses for industrial coatings

Most industrial coatings are used for corrosion control on many types of equipment, exposed steel and concrete. Since corrosion is a primary cause of equipment failure, industrial coatings are found across many markets and applications like these.

  • Construction equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Farm equipment
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Exposed steel beams

Types of industrial coatings

Custom Coatings Inc. is a leading industrial coating and industrial painting contractor. They are experienced in the application of many different types of industrial coatings. These are just a few that they work with.

  • Direct-to-metal finishes (DTMs) provide an excellent protective coating
  • Epoxy – Two component epoxy coating systems are used in a variety of thicknesses. They cure at room temperature or higher
  • Urethane – Typically lasts longer than other coating systems. They work well for hot or heat sensitive surfaces, or a surface that is continuously hit by debris
  • Linex paint – This paint is similar to truck bed liners and is often applied to exposed steel beams. As an architectural feature, it can hide or highlight a building’s structure

How industrial coatings are applied

Industrial coatings require different surface preparation than paints do. Poor surface preparation often leads to blistering and peeling, discoloration from underlying contaminates, or mold and corrosion due to poor coating adhesion. Equipment must be hand cleaned to remove oil and other contaminants and to protect electrical components. Basic surface preparation includes these steps.

  • Steel blasting, sand blasting or descaling as necessary
  • Rust removal
  • Primer is applied to prevent new rust
  • The industrial coating is then applied by hand using a brush or roller to ensure complete coverage
  • Depending on the application, the coating might also be sprayed, baked or applied using an electrostatic method

Why choose Custom Coatings?

Why pick Custom Coatings over other industrial coating or industrial painting contractors? It starts with their long-tenured employee craftsmen. They are talented, dependable and respected full-time members of the team, not subcontractors. They are fully screened, qualified professionals from a drug-free workplace with initial and ongoing drug testing. Here are a just few more important reasons to choose Custom Coatings:

  • Safety is first and foremost on every job. Their employees receive thorough safety training to protect themselves, you and your equipment. They work only with the proper personal protective gear starting on day one of your project.
  • Custom Coatings uses only state-of-the-art industrial painting systems, installation methods and equipment.
  • No surprises. Custom Coatings provides clients with clear, detailed proposals and maintains excellent communications throughout your project until it is completed.

With their extensive experience, Custom Coatings is ready and able to tackle the toughest equipment coating jobs in any building or structure, inside and out.

Custom Coatings Inc., is a leading industrial coating and industrial painting contractors company with broad experience that also includes commercial and residential applications. Their coatings work on virtually any type of equipment material. Established in 1991 by President Joe Brindle, Custom Coatings has worked for over 23 years providing high quality expertise with outstanding service and results for their clients. Contact them today for your next equipment industrial painting project.

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