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The general scope of work for machinery and equipment painting is slightly different from any other project because the attention to detail must be so much greater.  Custom Coatings, Inc. takes pride in our ability to be detail oriented which will allow for greater coating success. Typically equipment must be cleaned by hand to remove oil and various other contaminants which allow us to protect various electrical components and designation plates.

Our industrial coating service crews listen to instruction of what should and should not be coated because we value communication at a project site. Priming of any rust or bare metal will inhibit rust and insure protection of the equipment for a lasting solution when we finally do apply the paint finish. Usually the coating is applied by hand using a brush and roller to ensure a comprehensive finish. Our partners expect quality and detail oriented teams and we continually exceed their expectations.

Some machines can be coated with traditional direct-to-metal finishes, but we prefer to use superior quality epoxy and urethane systems which will last longer and look better than other types of coating systems. Also, when we use these types of coatings it gives us the ability to mix additives to the finish for specific job applications. For instance, if you have a surface that is heat sensitive we can install a higher temp rated coating for that specific purpose. Or maybe we are painting a lathe that has metal shards hitting the surface and we need to install an extremely durable coating with aluminum oxide or glass flakes.

No matter what surface is in need of coating, our industrial coating service specialists have the knowledge and experience required to get the job done the right way. We will take the time to educate our clients so they fully understand the process and limitations of the coatings being installed. That way they can make a more informed decision so their expectations are met at the end of the project.