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Pressure Washing

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Pressure Washing Services

What do painting a home or building, polishing concrete, and applying floor and roof coatings all have in common? Before any of these processes can start, the application surface must be prepared – and the most common way to prepare a surface is by pressure washing. Pressure cleaning services are the first step, and sometimes the only step needed, toward beautifying and maintaining your home or business.

Cleaning a surface can transform it to almost looking new; paint may not even be required. The grime and pollution that builds up on exterior surfaces transform the aesthetic nature to look dingy and dull instead of vibrant and bright. Using a pressure washer on a variable pressure setting and cleaning with environmentally friendly mild chemicals to remove mildew, moss and other contaminants can be a low cost solution to restore your facade back to its original quality. A low pressure setting is typically used on EFIS and stucco, while a higher pressure is used cement and masonry surfaces.

We can also clean things other than buildings with our pressure washing services. Cleaning any surface prior to applying coatings is an integral step, so we have become quite adept at using our washers for many applications. We can use hot water pressure washers to clean grease off of floors, machine pits or even baking racks at food process plants.

We can use rotary surface cleaners attached to our pressure washers to help aid in cleaning large concrete slabs and parking decks. We can use special nozzle attachments to remove failing coatings or bubble gum stuck on concrete. We can use the pressure to aid in removal of graffiti or other unwanted stains.

Pressure washers are valuable indispensable tools in our fleet of equipment. Without their use we would not be as efficient or have a way to thoroughly clean a substrate prior to coating. Without a doubt, cleaning is a large part of what we do here at Custom Coatings Inc.

To paint or not to paint

A dirty building façade does not always need repainting. Commercial pressure washing services positively transform building exteriors and consumer’s impressions of your business or facility. If you have ever washed a dirty car and afterwards been asked if it is new, you understand the importance and impact a clean building creates. When paint is relatively new or just in good condition, pressure washing may be all that is needed.

Give your storefront, housing development or hospital a bath

It is not just the storefront that needs a bath, but the parking lot and covered driveway, the dumpster servicing area, a restaurant outdoor eating patio or deck, railings, sidewalks and sitting areas. Curb appeal cannot be underestimated for government buildings, athletic facilities, banks, hotels and other hospitality properties, private homes, shopping centers and strip malls. These are just a few of the usual suspects detracting from the impact of your building.

  • Dust, dirt and debris
  • Pollution
  • Graffiti, gum and grime
  • Surface oxidation and stains
  • Moss and mildew
  • Oil and grease

Commercial Pressure Washing the right way

Cleaning your place of business the right way requires care and consideration. Good pressure cleaning services do more than just “point and shoot” with high powered pressure washers. Done incorrectly, pressure washing can ruin siding and stucco, scour concrete away and force water into wall openings that create opportunities for mold damage.

Pressure washing done right, using equipment with variable pressure settings, can be used on practically any surface – including stucco and buildings with exterior insulation and finishing systems (EFIS). Using environmentally friendly, mild chemicals, good pressure washing services like Custom Coatings, Inc., let the cleaning products do the work. This lowers the amount of pressure necessary to remove unsightly stains and grime from whatever surface is being cleaned.

No pressure questions to consider

Custom Coatings Inc. is a leading provider of pressure washing services. Before starting any project, they answer the questions that should be considered, like:

  • What is the square footage of the project area?
  • How many structures are being cleaned?
  • What is the height of the project area?
  • Are there potential safety issues with the existing structure?
  • How long can the cleaning area be out of use before foot, equipment or vehicle traffic may resume?
  • Do we need to work nights, weekends or during facility shutdowns to reduce the impact to the public or business activities?

Asking the right questions at the beginning of the project ensures your concerns are addressed and the best solutions provided for your unique challenges.

The Custom Coatings Difference

Why should you pick Custom Coatings over other pressure cleaning services? It starts with their talented, dependable, long-tenured employee craftsmen. They are respected full-time members of the team, not subcontractors. They are fully screened, qualified professionals from a drug-free workplace with initial and ongoing drug testing. Here are a just few more important reasons to choose Custom Coatings:

  • Safety is first on every job. Our employees receive thorough safety training to protect themselves, you and your structure or facility. They only work with the proper personal protective equipment starting on day one of your project.
  • Custom Coatings uses only environmentally friendly cleaners and state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment, cleaning methods and equipment.
  • No surprises. Custom Coatings provides every client with a clear, detailed proposal and maintains excellent communications throughout your project until it is completed.
  • With our extensive experience, Custom Coatings is ready and able to tackle the toughest residential, commercial or industrial pressure washing job. Let us bring the sparkle and shine back, pump up your curb appeal and help you project a well-maintained, fresh, clean image for your customers.

Custom Coatings Inc., is a leader in commercial pressure washing with broad experience that also includes industrial and residential applications. Their pressure cleaning services work on virtually any type of outdoor or indoor structure or equipment. Established in 1991 by President Joe Brindle, Custom Coatings has worked for over 23 years providing high quality pressure washing services, industrial painting, flooring and roofing expertise with outstanding service and results for their clients. Contact them today for your next pressure washing project.


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