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Roof Coating

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When it comes to your place of business, the roof is often the last thing on anyone’s mind – until it is damaged or starts to leak. Roof replacement can cost thousands or even millions of dollars depending on its size. In some cases, when a new roof is needed, a full tear down is required due to building codes. However, there are more inexpensive alternatives: roof coatings. A roof coating contractor can help guide you through the process.

Commercial roof coating solutions have many advantages, with lower installation cost compared to a new roof being one of them. Installation costs aside, industrial roof coatings provide many other benefits that impact the bottom line. A few of these include the following characteristics:

  • Heat Reflection – With solar energy directed away from the roof, your building remains cooler and more comfortable.
  • Energy Efficiency – A cooler roof reduces the heat burden on the air conditioning system, saving money in potential repairs and electricity.
  • Fire Resistance – Commercial roof coatings slow the progress of fire, potentially qualifying you for a reduced property insurance rate.
  • Seamless and waterproof – Heavy rains or pooling water remain outside while your people and product remain dry. There are no seams for water to penetrate.
  • Extremely durable – Industrial roof coatings naturally flex and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Lightweight – Commercial roof coatings do not add weight stress to your current roof structure. This is critical if you already have more than one roof and are restricted by building codes.
  • Low maintenance – Other than the occasional cleaning to remove dirt or other debris, roof coatings are virtually maintenance free – saving you time and money.

The main limitation of industrial roof coating systems is that they cannot be applied to gravel-coated roofs. However, there is an option for gravel-ballasted EPDM roofs. All other roof types are compatible with coatings if they are sufficiently prepared.

Premier Roof Coating Contractor

Custom Coatings Inc, is the premier commercial roof coating contractor in NC. As a provider of roof coating services, we help answer the tough questions that should be asked before any project is started. Every roof is different, so when a roof survey is performed we gather all pertinent information to formulate a detailed proposal for the specific roof. These are some of the important questions to consider:

  • What are the critical variables to understand when choosing a commercial roof coating contractor?
  • What are the potential environmental and cost gains obtained when selecting the right roof coating?
  • What are the pros and cons of various roof coating options?

We also work with two manufactures that provide a complete material and labor warranty for the entire life of the roof system – full ten to fifteen years depending upon application. We can install white energy efficient roof coating systems or if you have a colored architectural panel we can install roof coatings that will be water tight as well aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Coatings’ process for a new roof coating begins with a roof survey and inspection. Debris is then cleaned from the roof surface, fasteners are replaced or tightened, new patches installed and rust removed as necessary. If there are places with crushed insulation, we will cut out the bad sections of the roof and replace with new recovery board and reinstall the cut out single ply. We then prime the roof using a top performing primer to inhibit rust we then seal all horizontal and vertical seams as well as any fasteners.

Next, the roof is primed using a high-grade primer to inhibit rust, all horizontal and vertical seams and fasteners are sealed. Finally, a premium coating is applied to the appropriate thickness, which is thicker than most available single ply roof membranes. The result is a single ply, monolithic system that is watertight and durable. Under normal conditions this commercial roof coating lasts as long or longer than the roof – typically 10 to 20 years.

Why choose Custom Coatings?

So what exactly sets Custom Coatings apart? Why should you choose them over another project partner? As with any company, it starts with the people. Custom Coatings’ long-tenured employee craftsmen are talented, dependable and respected full-time members of the team, not contractors. They are fully screened, qualified professionals from a drug-free workplace with initial and ongoing drug testing for your peace of mind. Foremen ensure jobs are completed on budget, on schedule and finished right the first time. Here are a just few more important reasons to choose Custom Coatings:

  • Safety comes first on every job, period. Their employees receive thorough safety training to protect themselves, you and your facility.
  • Custom Coatings only uses a state-of-the-art roof coating restoration system, installation methods and equipment.
  • No surprises. Custom Coatings provides clients with clear, detailed proposals and maintains excellent communications throughout your project until it is completed.

With their extensive experience, Custom Coatings is ready and able to tackle the toughest industrial roof coating jobs on any building, structure or equipment.

Industrial Roof Coating

They have successfully completed roof coating applications on commercial retail and industrial buildings, healthcare facilities, corporate offices and headquarters, government and education buildings, hospitality properties and even private residences.

Custom Coatings Inc., is an industry leader in roof and equipment coating applications and commercial, residential and industrial painting. Their coatings work on virtually any type of roofing material. We have experience with all metal roofs and all flat roofs. Typically, if a roof has gravel on it, we are not able to coat, but if it is a gravel ballasted EPDM roof we do have an option. We have references and are happy to provide upon request.

Established in 1991 by President Joe Brindle, Custom Coatings has worked for over 23 years providing high quality work, expertise and superlative service to their clients. Contact them today for your next roof coating project.

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