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Experienced Roof Coating Contractors

Custom Coatings, Inc. has been recognized as a “Peak Performer” in the field of commercial roof coating. We are sure that we can exceed expectations on any project site. We have experience with all metal roofs and all flat roofs. Typically if a roof has gravel on it, we are not able to coat, but if it is a gravel ballasted EPDM roof we do have an option. We have references and are happy to provide upon request.

Every roof is different, so when a roof survey is performed we gather all pertinent information to formulate a detailed proposal for the specific roof. We are trained and certified roof coating contractors and are experienced with installing many different manufacturers’ products so we can identify the correct system to use on your application. We also work with two manufactures that provide a complete material and labor warranty for the entire life of the roof system – full ten to fifteen years depending upon application. We can install white energy efficient roof coating systems or if you have a colored architectural panel we can install roof coatings that will be water tight as well aesthetically pleasing.

The process for a roof coating is to remove debris from the roof surface, replace or tighten any fasteners as necessary, remove failed patches, and remove any rust from the surface. If there are places with crushed insulation we will cut out the bad sections of the roof and replace with new recovery board and reinstall the cut out single ply. We then prime the roof using a top performing primer to inhibit rust we then seal all horizontal and vertical seams as well as any fasteners. We then apply a premium coating to an appropriate thickness. In fact the roof coatings we install are thicker than most single ply roof membranes that are made in a factory and then installed on your roof. We will build a single ply monolithic system on your roof that is watertight and durable. More specific details about products are available during an estimate where you will receive quality information about your project needs. If you are looking for roof coating contractors, contact us today to schedule an appointment.