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The Top Commercial and Office Paint Colors to Increase Productivity

Colorful Insights | Commercial painting

Choosing paint for your home is easy. Pick your favorite colors and tones, and turn your house into a sanctuary. If you want a red wall in your living room with gold trim, have at it.

Office paint colors, however, require a softer panache. If you’re in the business of selling gold cocktail shakers, then that red wall may be appropriate. If, however, you’re in the business of organic tea leaves, then you might want something a tad more gentile.

So, the business drives the color scheme. Here are some of the best colors that’ll not only say the right thing but also boost your staff to the appropriate levels of productivity.


Teal is a combination of two of the most earthy and glorious colors: blue and green. According to color psychology, blue stimulates the mind. This, of course, leads to greater creativity and productivity.

Because it’s a stimulant, it can also help workers remain focused if they carry out repetitive tasks. Honestly, that means teal covers a wide variety of industries, from the purely creative to the straightforward and data-driven.

Whether you go for a soft shade of teal – almost a light blue – or a bolder, deeper tone, you’ll then have plenty of options for curtains and drapery in the office. You can keep the blue scheme going with navy blue curtains, a darker shade of teal, or even a soft buttercup yellow.


Yellow, you say? Yellow is a fantastic color choice if you’re looking to stimulate emotion. Perhaps you house offices for social workers. Perhaps you rent space to a bunch of artists. Then, you’re going to want to pull out a yellow color fan.

Whether you go with a single yellow wall amidst creamy, white walls, or a bold strike of yellow, the same emotion will be drawn out.

When people dabble in yellow, they tend to accessorize in whites and creams. But you can actually go a step further and introduce vibrant, complementary colors like royal blue or lilac.


This brings us to the color purple. Purple combines two of the best colors in the palette: blue and red. Blue, as we know, evokes productivity. Red, however, speaks to those who need to stimulate their energy levels. Fast-acting environments do well with red.

Purple can achieve all these ideals. It mixes the productivity of the blue and the energy of the red. It’s no wonder why royalty often drapes themselves in purple. It’s regal because it demonstrates power (productivity) and authority (urgency).


Brown walls, at the offset, sounds… off, doesn’t it? But, actually, rich chocolate walls coupled with deep, walnut furniture and smooth, buttery leather is fantastic when a strong vibe is in order.

And, not every wall has to be brown (although it wouldn’t hurt a thing if you did). You can go with the classic statement wall in brown, and then pair the others with a creamy tone.


To evoke the feeling of everything fresh and clean, go green. Sure, it’s typical for financial and health food industries to go green, but it’s purposeful for everyone, really.

Green evokes a sense of balance, calmness, and reassurance. No wonder the earth is coating in glades of glorious green. We always want the environment to be harmonious.

Rich velvety green works wonders with pops of rose, the same tones of green can also blend beautifully with royal blue or other bold statements.


If you want to go futuristic, go orange. We’ve seen some lovely office spaces with beautiful orange accent walls amidst other modernistic touches. Clear, acrylic chairs are so much fun in this space.

White trims orange beautifully. And, since it’s brighter than the sun, you don’t want to mix in too many other hues with your bold statement of zest.

Transformative Office Paint Colors

Here at Custom Coatings, we can bring your office space to life in any color under the sun. Together, let’s open up our paint fan and select office paint colors that will not only breed creativity but also encourage your employees to embrace their new space.

We’re also your pros for floor coatings, polishing, pressure washing, waterproofing, and more. So, when you’re ready to spruce up your space, come on over and request a free quote today. We can’t wait to help you brighten your space and crank out the creativity. Call 828-326-0953 today to learn more!


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