Sports Court Maintenance

The essence of maintaining sports courts cannot be overstated, with high-quality coatings playing a pivotal role in this endeavor. Custom Coatings understands this, leveraging the best-in-class materials to ensure your courts not only look professional but also offer longevity and performance. Whether it’s a community playground or a competitive tennis court, the right coating makes all the difference in enhancing playability and safety.

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Sport Court Coating Services

Custom Coatings offers a comprehensive range of sport court services, from installation to repair, maintenance, and repainting. Using premium sport court coating products, our services are designed to meet the specific needs of various sports facilities, ensuring durable, vibrant, and high-performance court surfaces.

Sport Court Coating Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of sports courts. At Custom Coatings, we utilize top-notch products to keep your courts in prime condition. For instance, a tennis court might show early signs of wear, such as color fading or surface cracks. In such cases, our targeted maintenance approach can restore its appearance and functionality, preventing further damage.

Sport Court Repainting

Repainting a court is not just about aesthetics; it’s about restoring its playability. Depending on the court type, we select specific paints and coatings that best suit its surface. This process ensures that each court, whether it be for basketball or volleyball, receives a coating that enhances grip, durability, and overall game quality.

Sports Court Installation

Our installation process is comprehensive, from initial design to the final application of surface coatings. Emphasizing customization and the unique needs of each sport, we ensure that every court we install delivers on performance and player satisfaction.

Sport Courts and Surfaces We Service

Pickleball Courts

Pickleball courts require surfaces that provide the right balance of grip and bounce. Custom Coatings delivers surfaces that enhance the game, ensuring durability, aesthetics, and player safety.

Example: A community center looking to introduce pickleball to its amenities found our solutions ideal for their outdoor space, offering a quick, reliable setup.

Tennis Court Surfaces

A high-quality tennis court surface impacts gameplay significantly. Our coatings ensure optimal ball bounce, durability, and UV resistance.

Example: A local tennis club required a surface upgrade to host regional tournaments, and our solution provided the high performance and visual appeal needed.

Basketball Courts

Basketball courts demand surfaces that offer excellent traction and visual clarity for markings. Custom Coatings applies coatings that stand up to intense play and weather conditions.

Example: An urban high school needed to revitalize their court to inspire their team and attract more spectators.

Volleyball Courts

The right surface for volleyball courts is crucial for player safety and game dynamics. Our solutions cater to indoor and outdoor settings, offering resilience and comfort.

Example: A beachfront resort wanted to add a professional-grade volleyball court to attract tournaments, and our coatings exceeded their expectations for durability and aesthetics.


Safety and vibrancy are key for playground surfaces. Custom Coatings provides solutions that are durable, non-slip, and colorful.

Example: A community project aimed at revitalizing a local park chose our services to bring life and safety to their playground area.

Running Tracks

Our coatings for running tracks enhance performance and safety, suitable for training and competitive events.

Example: A college needed to upgrade their track to meet athletic association standards, finding our coating solutions provided the perfect combination of durability and performance.

Shuffle Board Courts

Custom Coatings ensures shuffleboard courts have a smooth, durable surface for optimal play.

Example: A retirement community’s shuffleboard court was rejuvenated, offering residents a high-quality, enjoyable gaming experience.

Skate Parks

Skate parks require coatings that can withstand rough play and weather elements. We offer robust solutions that keep parks safe and fun.

Example: A city’s initiative to revamp its skate park led to our involvement, where we provided a surface that was both tough and visually appealing.

Court Repair

Damage to courts can range from minor cracks to major surface wear, affecting both safety and play. Custom Coatings addresses these issues with durable repair solutions that stand the test of time, ensuring that players can enjoy a safe and reliable surface for their games.

Elevate Your Game with Custom Coatings

Ready to transform your sports court into a state-of-the-art facility? Whether it’s for competitive play, community engagement, or enhancing your property, Custom Coatings delivers unmatched quality and sustainability. Don’t settle for less. Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can make your vision a reality with our environmentally friendly, high-performance coating solutions.

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Elevate Your Game with Custom Coatings

Commitment to the Environment

Custom Coating, is dedicated to an environmentally responsible approach in sports surfaces. Our 100% acrylic, water-based sports surfaces are designed with low volatile organic compounds, ensuring a safer environment for athletes and those applying the surfaces. Offering a diverse palette of colors, our products not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of sports facilities but also contribute to LEED credits by minimizing heat absorption. This thoughtful selection aids in reducing the heat island effect, making sports surfaces cooler and more comfortable for players. Additionally, our premium tennis court systems incorporate recycled rubber, underlining our commitment to sustainability and athlete safety.


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