By: Altavista on February 21st, 2019

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How to Know When Your Commercial Building Needs a New Coating

Roof Coating

The exterior of a building protects everything inside from the elements. This means the building's exterior gets a lot of wear and tear. A coating helps protect commercial buildings from rain, ice, snow, and ultraviolet radiation. These environmental factors make your building look old and worn down. Here are some signs your building's coating might need to be redone.

Discolored Spots

UV damage on a building often shows up in areas that are paler than the rest of the building. This is easy to spot if part of your building receives constant shade and still looks as bright and fresh as when it was first painted, while other areas get intermittent or constant sunlight and look faded. If there is a visible line between faded and fresh, you might need a new coating.

Peeling Paint

Old paint on a building starts to peel after a while. At the first signs of peeling, your building needs to be recoated. You might want to have the paint redone before the new coating goes on. Since paint that is already peeling probably shows other signs of wear and tear, new paint is better to coat than old.

Water Stains

One great thing about exterior coatings is they are waterproof. If your building experiences a lot of rain or moisture, this benefit is very useful. Water damage usually shows up along the top of a building where water collects and runs off. If the land around your building is not properly graded, then you might also spot water damage along the bottom where puddles collect.

Coating the exterior of your commercial building helps keep it waterproof and makes it look better. Whether your business is in a place that receives year-round sunlight or experiences high levels of moisture, the right coating will prevent damage. To get your building evaluated, request an estimate from Custom Coating. Give us a call at 828-326-0953!