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The Importance of Industrial Coating

Industrial tanks and other machinery without coatings are susceptible to corrosion and rust, which can cause hazardous materials to leak out if not properly taken care of. Projects that deal with coating these large industrial storage tanks can be especially tricky, which is why it’s important to go to a company with plenty of experience. […]

7 Reasons to Hire Professional Interior Commercial Painters

There are over 300,000 painting businesses in the US adding significant benefits to the economy. Painting your home or office does more than make it look great. It also protects your walls from mildew, mold, and rot. Is your office or commercial building in need of painting? Hiring professional interior commercial painters is the best way to go. […]

Commercial Floors 101: How to Care for Concrete and Cement Floors

Concrete and cement floors are some of the best flooring ideas for commercial buildings. These floors are versatile and durable. Despite these qualities, your floor will not remain pristine forever. Regular maintenance and care are still paramount. Your commercial concrete floors are subjected to foot traffic, weather elements, dirt, and debris. These are some of […]

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Protecting Your Machinery with Industrial Equipment Painting

Why Your Facility Needs Professional Machinery Painting Regardless of the size of your company, purchasing any kind of industrial equipment is a large investment. However, your responsibility doesn’t stop after its purchase. Keeping your equipment in good shape is important both for your budget and the productivity of your facility. Read on to learn how […]

8 Amazing Advantages of Roof Coatings

Do you own a commercial building? Are you tired of having problems with your building’s roofing system? Are you searching for ways to improve your roof? Perhaps what you need is some roof coating. Roof coating offers numerous benefits and more and more people are starting to experience the advantages. Industry experts predict that the […]

It’s Time to Repaint Your Commercial Property

The floor size of commercial buildings constructed increased from 16,300 square feet in the 1990s to 19,000 square feet in the 2000s. The cost of maintenance when considering such expansive premises is high. Mostly, the temptation to overlook certain maintenance costs such as painting and coating is common. Your commercial property’s curb appeal will determine the number […]

Reasons Why and Ways How to Polish Concrete Floors

Today’s $300 billion flooring market is seeing the increasing popularity of highly-polished concrete floors. Are you wondering if polished concrete is what your building needs? Opting for polished concrete over traditional wood or carpet flooring will save you money. It can also help contribute to greater property value. If you’re wondering why, and how, to polish concrete, […]

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