8 Amazing Advantages of Roof Coatings

Do you own a commercial building? Are you tired of having problems with your building’s roofing system? Are you searching for ways to improve your roof? Perhaps what you need is some roof coating. Roof coating offers numerous benefits and more and more people are starting to experience the advantages. Industry experts predict that the […]

It’s Time to Repaint Your Commercial Property

The floor size of commercial buildings constructed increased from 16,300 square feet in the 1990s to 19,000 square feet in the 2000s. The cost of maintenance when considering such expansive premises is high. Mostly, the temptation to overlook certain maintenance costs such as painting and coating is common. Your commercial property’s curb appeal will determine the number […]

Reasons Why and Ways How to Polish Concrete Floors

Today’s $300 billion flooring market is seeing the increasing popularity of highly-polished concrete floors. Are you wondering if polished concrete is what your building needs? Opting for polished concrete over traditional wood or carpet flooring will save you money. It can also help contribute to greater property value. If you’re wondering why, and how, to polish concrete, […]

Brewery Flooring

The Power of Epoxy Flooring for Your Commercial Building

In some parts of the world, a floor is still just a patch of dirt, sand, or even trampled debris. During the Middle Ages in Europe, peasants sometimes shared their living spaces with animals. A lot of times, household waste was just thrown on the floor and trampled down over time. In Europe, the first known use for […]

How to Know When Your Commercial Building Needs a New Coating

The exterior of a building protects everything inside from the elements. This means the building’s exterior gets a lot of wear and tear. A coating helps protect commercial buildings from rain, ice, snow, and ultraviolet radiation. These environmental factors make your building look old and worn down. Here are some signs your building’s coating might […]

Understanding the Costs of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Preventative commercial roofing maintenance is like exercise and eating right. Everyone agrees they should do it, but not everyone does. Yet preventative roof maintenance is very important, especially when compared against total replacement costs and the costs of lost business or inventory. Roofing systems are expensive, so it makes sense to maintain it periodically and […]

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