By: Custom Coatings on July 14th, 2015

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Protect Your Building With Waterproofing & Sealing


The last thing you want is to see the structural integrity of your building compromised – but that threat increases if you don’t have it properly waterproofed and sealed. The repairs will cost thousands of dollars, excluding the potential of halting operations.

Think of the roads you drive on every day. Chances are you’ve come across bumps, maybe even the occasional pothole. When road conditions become poor, it’s usually because water has entered the concrete and gone through the freeze-thaw cycle over the course of months, or even years. That’s why potholes often develop in the spring, and road crews send patching units all throughout town. Similarly, your buildings foundation and exterior can experience the same type of effect if it’s not sealed or waterproofed properly. Water is able to enter the foundation, even through the smallest of cracks or holes. From there it can remain and go through the freeze-thaw cycle, doing some great damage to your property, just like it does to the roads.

What’s the solution? Properly waterproofing and sealing your building to keep the potentially harmful moisture at bay. These days, most properties are sealed with silicone. And while silicone can be an effective material for a period of time, urethane sealant materials are actually proven to be better options in most scenarios. Our experts are actually able to cut out and remove any old silicone sealants and replace them with the more effective urethane materials.

When it comes to your building or property, the last thing you want to be doing is making expensive structural repairs on a regular basis. That’s why being proactive and properly ensuring your property is waterproofed and sealed is so important. It keeps out moisture, and keeps your property intact.

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