posted by Custom Coatings, Inc. on August 17th, 2023

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Benefits of Apartment Paint Color Upgrades At Your Commercial Property

Signing new tenants and keeping old ones is not easy if your apartments need a fresh coat of paint. People see faded, peeling paint as a sign of a bigger problem.

They interpret it as an indication that you skimp on routine upkeep. On the other hand, new paint shows your dedication to good building maintenance.

But a professional paint job can do even more for your business. This article discusses a few ways an upgrade to your apartment paint color can influence current tenants and prospective renters.

Use Paint Color to Update Apartments

Does your paint reflect a trend that has gone out of style? No one wants to live in a building that’s unfashionable. They will simply choose the new building down the street.

Out-of-date painting schemes also make it difficult for new tenants to integrate their furniture with the apartment. For example, are your apartment walls gray?

For many years in the 2010s and early 2020s, gray dominated interior design. However, designers and influencers have moved on. Today’s tenants are less likely to have furniture that goes well with gray walls.

If your apartment building seems stuck in the past, you could lose business. Instead, people prefer painting schemes that indicate the landlord is up-to-date.

Use Paint Color to Signal a Change

Is the apartment building under new management? Are you targeting a new demographic group?

Nothing signals a change like new paint. A fresh coat of paint lets everyone know that the past is over. The new paint associates your property with the new direction you’re taking it.

Painting commercial property is especially important if your advertising campaign changes. If you’re switching from younger tenants to mature ones, you’re going to need a paint job that makes that clear.

Younger people generally lean toward strong, saturated, uncomplicated colors. Mature residents typically appreciate depth, subtlety, and nuance in their interior paint colors.

Use Paint Color to Establish an Atmosphere

How will tenants use the space? What mood do you want the space to create?

For example, suppose your apartment complex has a communal gathering spot. Consider how the space is designated. Is it for hosting table tennis tournaments, playing video games, holding tenant meetings, creating arts and crafts, or simply lounging?

A room hosting an energetic table tennis match could benefit from dynamic paint. Colors on the warm side of the spectrum like red and yellow might work well.

If it’s for lounging, you’ll want to select relaxing paint colors. These tend to be cool colors such as blue and green. That’s why these colors predominate near swimming pools.

Use Paint Color to Enlarge Apartments

The right paint can create space or reduce space. Of course, paint can’t literally alter the dimensions of a rental unit, but it can evoke the proper feeling.

Raise the Ceiling and Push Back the Walls

Let’s consider height. Not every apartment building is fortunate enough to offer 12-foot ceilings.

But by painting an apartment ceiling a light color, you can make the ceiling recede. The result is the ceiling appears higher than it is.

Bright colors can also seem to push the walls back, giving the illusion of a larger room. White is the go-to color to make small units appear roomier.

But it doesn’t have to be super bright hospital-white. More subtle off-whites also work. Pure white can make a home feel more like a museum or other public space. Meanwhile, a lower-wattage white can possess an undertone of a second color that creates a sense of coziness.

Another choice that works well with small spaces is light blue. It fools the mind by mimicking the sky. We associate the color with something in the far distance.

Brighten Up With a Glossy Finish

The sheen of the paint can also help your illusion. The glossier the sheen, the more light the paint will reflect, giving the room a sense of openness.

However, paint with a high sheen shows imperfections more clearly than matte paint. So, your woodwork, sheetrock, and other surfaces must be flawless to make the most of the sheen.

Matte paint won’t be as useful in reflecting light. But it has the advantage of being much easier to maintain.

You might reserve the high gloss paint for areas with less foot traffic. The matte paint might be your primary choice for most of your building.

Use Tints, Tones, and Shades of Paint Colors

People often use the terms tints, tones, and shades interchangeably, but they mean different things. Tint, tone, and shade each reflect a move away from a pure hue, but in varying ways.

Let’s begin with a basic blue. If you add white to the blue paint, you get a tint. If you add gray, you create a new tone. If you add black, you have a different shade.

Think of it this way: tint adds lightness, tone adds richness, and shade adds darkness.

A tint can give the feeling of airiness. At a certain point, its softness could even evoke a feeling of femininity.

A tone can be noncommittal. It usually reads as neither feminine nor masculine, neither frivolous nor somber.

If your complex needs a more middle-of-the-road appearance, a tone might be your choice. It lends an air of adult seriousness without being overly formal.

Shades generally suggest sophistication. It can conjure thoughts of comfort, wealth, and maturity. If your apartment building caters mainly to high-income clientele, you might want to consider using a shade.

A color’s ability to change comes in handy. If you need to maintain a thematic color, you can use various tints, tones, and shades to keep the scheme from becoming monotonous.

Get Professional Help With Your Apartment Paint Color

If your building needs an upgrade, consider fresh paint. The right apartment paint color can create an entirely new image for your business and entice more customers to your rental units.

But don’t stress over the thought of choosing the right interior paint. We’ll help you.

We have over 30 years of experience painting commercial properties. We’ll use our expertise to breathe new life into your apartment complex.

Get started today by contacting Custom Coatings to schedule your free estimate.


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